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    Scholar Activist x Educator x Communication Professional x

    Brand Strategist

  • I am an interpretive scholar with a deeply-rooted passion for higher education, student engagement, community development, and tackling social issues. I am also a business developer, brand strategist, and strategic marketing communications professional with a background in civic engagement and message development in the public sector.


  • The Many Faces of Anneshia Hardy 

    The Scholar Activist

    Knowledge is the most powerful tool known to mankind. Stay Informed! - A. Hardy

    I have a passion for community development and researching social issues. I hold a Masters in Public Administration with a concentration in Public Policy. I have worked as Project Manager and Marketing Consultant on various projects within nonprofit, faith-based, and educational organizations. Furthermore, I have exuded proven success in providing the above organizational types with the tools and resources needed to achieve their overall mission through creative, innovative, and target driven methods. My overall work ethic and culture is built upon my passion for researching social issues and improving society through biblical principles, along with practical and scholastic experiences.


    "I think public intellectuals have a responsibility to be self-critical on the one hand... but to also be able to get off those perches and out of those ivory towers and speak to the real people who make decisions; to speak truth to power and the powerless with lucidity and eloquence." -- Michael Eric Dyson



    The Educator

    Educators have the power to cultivate or terminate hope, motivation, and will power in the minds of future leaders, followers, and creators. - A. Hardy

    I am a communications scholar specializing in the area of media effects. I hold a Masters in Strategic Communications. A significant amount of my research is shaped by the intersection of media, culture, and public opinion. My overall academic and professional objective is to provide scholarly instruction and research regarding the media’s influence on social and public policy.


    I am available to lecture on the following topics

    • Media and Society
    • Public Opinion/Popular Culture
    • Strategic Communications Strategies
    • Political Communications
    • Grassroots Organizing
    • Brand Development
    • Mass Communication Theories






    The Researcher

    Throughout history, interpretive scholars, through research, have encouraged public dialogue around various societal issues, which has ultimately resulted in public policy reformation and community development initiatives around the world. -A. Hardy

    My overall research is shaped by the intersection of media, culture, and society.


    Research Topics

    • Media Effects
    • Public Opinion/Engagement
    • Public Affairs
    • African-American / African Diaspora
    • Critical Race Theory
    • Agenda Setting
    • Protest Paradigm
    • Social/Digital Activism
    • Media Psychology 
    • Diffusion Innovation Theory
    • Uses and Gratification Theory

    The Brand Strategist

    Behind every great brand is a brand strategist with the aptitude to industrialize great ideas into great consumer products and services. - A. Hardy

    I am a business developer, brand strategist, and strategic communications professional who is driven to deliver short-term and long-term results correlating with each client’s objectives. I have experience supervising creative business teams, meeting tight schedules, and delivering innovative strategic marketing solutions. As a business development and brand strategist, I partner with each client to assemble a firm business structure to ensure placement, credibility, and sustainability within their competitive market. As a strategic communications professional, I partner with each client in the development of strategic communications programs and elevating the organization's corporate profile through the development of consistent internal and external corporate brand messaging. My marketing and branding expertise draws from a broad range of practical and educational experiences that give me the ability to analyze market dynamics and translate them into effective marketing strategies.

  • My Expertise

    My background is rooted in leveraging my skills in media, marketing, and communications within the public sector. 

    Strategic Communications

    • Case Study Development and Analysis
    • Crisis Communication Plan Development
    • Public Relations Strategy Development and Implementation
    • Donor/Sponsor Messaging
    • Press Releases
    • Emerging Media Strategy

    Political Communications

    • Speech Writing
    • Coalition Building/Grassroots Organizing
    • Voter Engagement Strategies 
    • Audience/Opposition Research
    • Media Strategies

    Strategic Marketing

    • Integrated Marketing Development/Implementation
    • SWOT Analysis
    • Consumer Research
    • Brand Development
    • Media Buying/Placement
    • Cause Marketing
    • Message Development
    • Inbound Marketing Certification

    Digital Communications

    • Google Analytics
    • Google Tag Manager
    • Mobile Apps Analytics
    • Digital Analytics
    • SEO 
    • Adwords
    • Wordpress CMS
    • Joomla CMS
    • Constant Contact
    • MailChimp
    • Hootsuite
    • Social Media Platforms


    Public Speaking

    • Speech Writing and Development
    • Motivational 
    • Educational
    • Advocacy 
    • Persuasive


    • Microsoft Office Suite
    • PeopleSoft 
    • Oracle
    • WebEx
    • Salesforce
    • Advantage 
    • BNY Mellon
    • Depository Trust Company
  • Available Workshops

    As a Communications/Media Scholar and Strategic Marketing Professional, I provide insightful workshops to Nonprofits, Universities, Activist Groups, Faith-Based Organizations regarding the usage of communication, culture, and media to engage their target audience and increase brand visibility.

    "Let's Get Social: Social Media Tools & Tactics to Engage Millennials"

    Target Audience: Nonprofits, For-profits, Higher Education, Entrepreneurs

    "Inbound Higher Education Marketing: Student Engagement, Recruitment, and Admissions Strategies​"

    Target Audience: Higher Education Administration, Faculty, Admissions Counselors, Enrollment Managers

    "Crisis Communication Tactics: Image Restoration in the Era of Mass Media Framing, Agenda Setting, and Public Opinion"

    Target Audience: Nonprofits, For-profits, Higher Education

    "Seeking Opportunities, Obtaining Experience, and Gaining Success​"

    Target Audience: College Students

    "Digital Roots Organizing: Activism in the Digital Age of Hashtag Politics​"

    Target Audience: Nonprofits, Activists, Government Organizations, Law Firms

  • Professional Projects

    A mixture of recent and past projects.

    Strategic Communications

    Strategic Branding Consultant

    College 101 | Sponsored by: Birmingham Education Foundation and Birmingham Coca Cola Bottling Company


    Strategic Marketing Director

    The State of the Male Youth Summit | Sponsored by: Growing Kings Inc.


    Strategic Marketing Consultant

    100 Mentors:100 Days Campaign | Sponsored by: Growing Kings Inc.


    Creative Marketing and Public Relations Director

    Puerto Rico Culinary x Culture x Art Tour | Sponsored by: Not Just Catering


    Strategic Marketing Director x Consumer Research Analyst x Speaker

    YWCA Youth Leadership Summit | Sponsored by: Birmingham Faith in Action and Birmingham YWCA

    Political Communications

    Co-Chair, Political Strategy Committee

    The Montgomery County Democratic Party


    Program Director (ASU Campus), Peer-to-Peer: Challenging Extremism

    Edventure Partners, LLC


    Strategic Branding Consultant

    The World Conference of Mayors


    Strategic Marketing Director x Consumer Research Analyst

    Youth Voting Campaign | Sponsored by: Birmingham Faith in Action and Pico Network

  • The Hardy Exchange

    My thoughts, musings, and ruminations regarding media, culture, politics and society.

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  • Affiliations

    Public Relations Society of America

    National Communication Association

    Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communications

    National Association of Black Journalists

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