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Mobile marketing for a mobile society

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Anneshia Hardy | The Hardy Exchange

If you could create an instant two-way communication channel between you and your target audience with the click of a button, would you?

What if you could create marketing campaigns for under $1.00 per lead?

How wonderful would it be to market your product or services to consumers based on their location?

If you harvest even the smallest concern regarding the success of your organization, your answer should be,  undoubtedly yes to the above questions.

Welcome to the world of Mobile Marketing!

Overnight, social media became a global sensation with billions of viewers worldwide. In the past, social media was not regarded as a place to conduct business. Initially, many of your social media sites were mainly comprised of consumer-to-consumer communication. Therefore, it was often regarded as an informal place to conduct business. The “fear of the unknown” also played a major part in the disregard of social media in the corporate industry. At the time, organizations simply did not understand how to utilize social media, as it was an untested and unproven marketing method.

Now, fast forward to present day where smartphones and tablets have surpassed, in some cases, replaced the PC in consumer usage; social media and mobile marketing is considered the monarch of marketing strategies. Social media sites and mobile applications are two of the main reasons consumers interact with their mobile devices. Collectively, social media and mobile marketing creates a platform for organizations to engage and mobilize consumers around their brands, products, and services. 

Consumer Engagement + Mobile Marketing = Increased Brand Awarness

Mobile marketing provides some MAJOR benefits!

Precise target marketing

Mobile marketing facilitates a bridge to engage a vast target audience through direct marketing communications. For example, Organization X can simultaneously through email campaigns, mobile campaigns, and social media campaigns communicate regional specific promotions to an audience within a particular footprint. Furthermore, the audience will more than likely view the campaigns on a mobile device. 

Cost-effective communication campaigns

Mobile marketing has a much lower CPM than other traditional marketing channels. Setup and marketing campaign preparation costs are lower because you can easily integrate with other media channels in order to promote your mobile marketing campaigns such as on TV, radio, print, and social media.

Mobile and efficient consumer relationship management

Since consumers are typically attached to their smartphones, mobile marketing may be perceived as “personal” or less “invasive” to end users. If two-way communication can be established, loyal customers can engage their favorite brands to build strong relationships with them. Organizations can also utilize the demographic location and customer information to enhance the overall customer follow-up experience.

It’s efficient, easy to create, and long lasting

Developing content for mobile devices, whether it is text, images or video is often simple and cost-effective. Furthermore, the user can keep the virtual information with him and transport it to work or social gathering, at which point it can be shared with family or friends.

Tracking user responses

User response can be tracked almost instantaneously. This will assist the organization with interpreting and analyzing consumer behavior. This will aid product development, service listing, and brand leverage.

Strategic communications made easy

Thanks to the rise of mobile devices, strategic communicators are able to reach a broader and more diverse audience. Mobile marketing also provides the advantage of geo-location and sending location-specific messages to users, using GPS and Bluetooth technology.


So, if you are looking for immediacy, affordability, targeted capability, interactivity, viral potential, and effectiveness; it’s time to go mobile!


If you are still skeptical and wondering if mobile marketing is worth the time and effort... 

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